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Did you know that the building of large multigenerational families has returned? Perhaps you did not know it ever left the Christian world. It actually did leave, unfortunately, early in the Church’s history when Gentile culture pushed most of the Hebraic roots out of the Christian faith. This was never God’s intention.

As a Christian family, if you are not building a multigenerational family, you do not know what you are missing. Multigenerational family building is God’s primary strategy for generational Kingdom impact. I can only make that bold statement in brief here, but keep reading this site and I warn you, you will be convinced.

Can you describe your family’s life as gloriously adventurous? If you can’t describe your Christian family’s life as adventurous I can assure you that adopting God’s multigenerational vision for your family will bring adventure to your family quicker than you think.

Do you find that your life in work, church, and personal interests compete with the interests of your family life? Again, I can almost guarantee you this is because you do not have a multigenerational vision for your family. A multigenerational mindset automatically integrates family member’s lives.

But adopting a multigenerational mindset for your family cannot be rooted in a desire simply for experiencing its benefits. Read the foundational articles to learn why generational transfer is God’s mandated strategy for your family. When you first begin to see the call of a generational vision for your family it will come with much trepidation. It is a sacrificial life and many idols of current Western culture which you dearly love will have to be discarded. But on the other side of the horizon, you will find you were designed for this. You and your family will be released for generational impact. For the first time, you will enter into a strategy for defeating Satan’s works that is actually threatening to him! Trepidation will turn to joy. Are you ready? is the premier online educational and equipping resource to help christian parents build multigenerational families. Below is a description of the site’s major sections to help you navigate and find what you are looking for.

Foundations For Building Large Multigenerational Families.

Here you will learn…

* How God’s Word mandates multigenerational families as His key strategy in expanding His Kingdom on earth.

* Why bonds of affinity must precede bonds of blood in multigenerational families.

* The relationship between individual mission and the family mission

* How a family grows to become a clan and then a tribe

* The process of cultural transfer over the generations

* and much more

Christian Parenting For Multigenerational Families

Christian parents are given stewardship over their children’s discipleship and education. Here you will discover how to create a comprehensive training curriculum for your children to ensure they are equipped to reproduce Kingdom families for generations to come.

Homeschool Resources For Multigenerational Families

While parents are the only party ultimately responsible for their children’s education, this doesn’t mean they have all the resources within themselves to provide everything their children need. As stewards of their children’s education, Christian parents are also responsible for finding every tool they need to forward their family educational mission objectives. In our homeschool resources section you will find targeted information and resources particularly relevant for multigenerational families.

Family Business and Succession Planning

Multigenerational families come to recognize they are an enterprise. In this section we will discuss such topics as…

* How to build wealth the right way

 * Why fathers are already business owners whether they recognize it or not

 * Why and how to start a family bank

Governance For Large Families

Multigenerational families must learn how to act as a corporate body among adult siblings in the second generation, adult cousins in the third generation and beyond. This implies rediscovering the art of family governance. Here you will find some of the most advanced tools, like the Family Compact, in preparing the next generation to manage itself as a large extended family.

The Role of a Living Trust in Generational Transfer

Not only do multigenerational families need financial and relationship tools, they need legal tools as well. Family trusts are a critical component in ensuring that your family’s assets are properly passed onto the next generation. Here you will learn how to implement options through trusts designed for family generational transfer.

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